Tips - Fossil Free RBC

We’re interested in information about questionable or illicit activity, misconduct, alleged violations of law, greenwashing issues, information about RBC’s fossil fuel financing, information about RBC’s violations of human rights, deceptive practices or any strategy documents.

Please contact us *before* taking any action (such as downloading files from a corporate network) and never contact us while at work, nor using a device connected to your employer (for example, a personal laptop running a corporate VPN, a web browser signed into a work account, or a personal phone running the Microsoft Intune app to access your corporate email). Contact us on your own time, from a personal device, using of these secure methods:


How to get in touch

Option 1


From a phone without employer apps running on it, download the Signal app. Run the app, follow the prompts to register your phone number, then compose a message to +1(415)-532-3811.

Signal provides strong confidentiality; however, previous versions of Signal would share your mobile phone number, so please update your Signal app to the latest version before contacting us. 

Option 2


From a computer or phone without employer apps running on it, download the Session app. Run the app, follow the prompts to create a Session ID, tap the green + icon, then select New Message.

Next, copy-paste our session ID: 0594bfcd90a080808ce50726e784a412e9b983a0da73f26c7b02bc7ea96ca37c44
— if using a phone, you have the option to select Scan QR Code. Scan the QR code here.

Strong anonymity and confidentiality

Option 3


From a computer without employer apps installed on it,  email us at from your Protonmail email address. If you need a new protonmail address, you can sign up here.

Option 4


TAILS is the gold standard for journalists in communicating with sources. It’s an operating system that runs on a USB stick to provide strong anonymity and other security benefits. Using TAILS in combination with Options 2 or 3 would grant you the greatest level of privacy readily available. You can learn how to set it up here, and consider asking a trustworthy friend with IT experience for help if you need it.